Decorating My Home with Area Rugs

Decor is so much more……….

Decor matters tremendously in my life and in all of our lives.  For example, in my home which is my sanctuary (my resting place of restoration), I view the walls of my den as a refuge. I have chosen to use different themes in every room to support the activities that I normally perform in the different areas of my home. I change them periodically and some rooms are changed more often than others. In my living/social area for example where I do many things from reading, to entertaining guest and to lounging I have chosen to place a calming Indian motif as the theme. To me, it is welcoming, activates an artistic energy and is a great conversation starter. The power of the colors, light “temperatures”, patterns and textures provide stimulation to my intellect. Decor is empowering to all of us at different levels of our beings.

For example, the colors used in decorations alone are a language that is for a variety of things such as guided healing, creating a calm effect, even to create a sensation of hunger to get consumers to purchase food. The way retailers decorate their stores can activate a consumers willingness to shop and remain in the store longer.
As a massage therapist student, I understand at this point that when I open my first healing clinic it is vital that I carefully plan and place the right decor that will provide my patients with the atmosphere that is required in aiding with their healing process and area rugs Lakewood CO.

In our society historically we have always sought to obtain an oasis using decorative rugs, accent walls, inside and outside garden/greenery designs to benefit our overall well being. Everyone is aware of some conscious level that decor can alter the mood in a positive or an unfortunate negative way.  Feng shui is a very clear source of evidence on how decor matters.


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Rustic Picture Frames

succulents in homeEveryone gets a little nervous at some point, it can range from all different things like having guests over or wanting to make sure there isn’t room for monsters under your bed. You can take up all that empty space will a little décor. A time décor really mattered in my life was my first semester of freshman year. I was in a new and faraway place and I was feeling really homesick. The things I put in the dorm really made a difference in how I felt at the end of the day.


At the end of the day, it was really nice to always come home to a little piece of home. I had pictures of my family everywhere in frames that were similar to the ones in my house. They were rustic black metal frames with fun pictures inside them. These are similar to the frames that are hanging all around my house and looking at them made me not feel so far away. Along with pictures, I had also taken up an old crotched blanket that my grandmother had made. It would lay over my bedspread and just really bring the room together with a nice homey feel. I also added a wax warmer that smelled like my home too.


The wax warmer was in the shape of an elephant which was all around my room at home so it just adds a little bit more or home to a faraway strange place. Dorms are hard to make feel like home because of the brick walls and the one small window but the décor that I had put in there had really helped me get through a really hard time. Even though it can sometimes seem insignificant a little décor goes a long way.


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