Decorating Is Fun For Everyone

Everyone knows the cliche regarding decorations making a room feel more like home. However, I have always wondered how much impact a picture hanging on a wall could really make on an environment. Do painted walls, posters of boy bands, and a string of lights really make a person feel like they belong? It took a serious life event for me to understand the power of decor.


In my early childhood, I grew up in a house plenty big enough for my family of four. We even had a spare room for guests and family. My room featured pink painted walls with Powerpuff girl trim and window curtains to match. I would also take posters from magazines and tape them up to my wall. As a child, I really took for granted having a decorated room that captured my memories and personality. My parents divorced when I was twelve years old. As a result of split incomes, we lost our house and my pink painted room. My parents both moved into white-walled apartments. Most of our belongings gone because we were not able to move everything in time before our house was foreclosed on and the doors locked. I struggled to be the happy, smiley girl that I used to be. My family was broken and we moved into a place that felt so cold.


I lived with my mom most days and she really struggled to afford the same luxuries we had before. After a few months, however, my mom saved up enough money to take us out to buy a few decorations for our rooms. I picked out a butterfly rug and some butterfly wall stickers. I was excited to put these up in my room. They really made the room feel like mine rather than a temporary room. The butterflies in my room did not take away the pain from the divorce or solve any money troubles, but it gave me a comfortable place to go whenever I needed to think through my worries.

It took a significant life change for me to understand the importance of decor. Just a few butterflies in a blank room were enough to give me a sense of ownership and belonging. Decor matters because it allows us to connect and feel comfortable in an environment. Decor gave me a place to reflect in a difficult time of transition, and now I never allow for my room to go undecorated.