How ICC Property Management Leverages Interior Designers

Property managers owe much success to professionals directing the style and value of their property, chiefly architects and interior designers, thus a direct interdependence chain to ensure occupational breakthrough. More interested in ensuring maximum profits for their property, property management entails stretching interior design skills for a comprehensive representation of latest trends and styles suiting the general market tastes and preferences. Check out ICC Property Management’s Twitter and YouTube channel to learn more about property management news, information, guides and more.




Enhancing Property Aesthetics

Taste and visual appeal are key factors to client’s decision making while choosing a property for purchase. Primary elements such as beauty are best achieved through design elements including the color scheme;color being the basic language of all objects.Creating an interplay between cold and warm colors ensures visual comfort to the users while varying the color shades and hues create interest in the minds of the users, generally increasing the property value.

A varying texture finish serves to excite the senses and define the interior spaces as function-designed. Rough texture creates an outdoor feeling whereas smooth finishes portray indoor environments. Considering the sense of touch as a common human sense,texture interplay is bound to raise property value perception.

Furniture Consideration

Veteran property management firms such as the ICC Property Management take advantage of interior design in furniture and decor since interior space use is more often dictated by the objects within. Customised furniture impacts greatly to the final look and the property pricing. The whole being more than the sum of the individual component parts,creative furniture design complements the interior finish. This may be achieved by means of blending the color, the texture, the general style or material use. Details of greenery such as potted plants are equally capturing and space-enhancing.

Assimilating bigger and sleeker cabinets assumes a classy appeal which positively boosts the overall property values.

Capturing the Latest Trends

Time being part of human-space experience affords property increased value if well captured through the changing styles through the ages.The different trends may be blended to create hybrid trends which are just as capturing.The latest trends find expression through material use since materials for interior design are subject to evolution over time. Tile finishes,wall paints, curtain types, ceiling decoration all when comprehensively applied interpret the latest trends and architectural styles.Client’s consideration, notably,are driven to a great extent by the latest trends, for such is the human desire to interact with the spirit of the time.

Selective Space Treatment

Property management firms such as the Toronto Property Management take a keen consideration on bathroom and kitchen look, the majority of customers being more drawn to such. Creating an elevating feel for bathroom and kitchen spaces through appliance selection portrays a complete property interior design approach, swaying most clients to the property manager’s advantage.

Creating Order

With the background knowledge of human appreciation of order within and without, property managers ensure a language of order created from the interior design.The overall combination of color, texture, furniture, materials, arrangement, shapes, sizes, latest trends, and customization of interior spaces speak of order. Such property is set to fetch higher prices and a more competitive edge in the property management market.

Through appropriate interior design approach and interpretation, property managers best have a chance to achieve value addition for their property, enabling a profitable transaction between the property manager, the buyer, and the interior designer.The goal of interior design is space enhancement and value addition, the property manager seeks  maximum profit, and the client craves a value for money. This is the ultimate property management chain satisfaction.…

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How To Get Started Adding Aztec Art To Your Home

aztec art

If you are a housewife or a person who loves to decorate his or her home then there is a common question that might go through your mind, how do I improve the overall style of my home? Well, worry no more as you are at the right place. I think my biggest tip would be to look into Aztec decor. There are various interior design elements to consider when decorating your home with Aztec style, some of those are:


The Internet is full of images giving you an idea about the furniture based on Aztec style. So, there is a huge variety of dressers, sofa, bed, nursery furniture, and almost anything that could be selected to give your house an amazing look. All you have to do is choose a theme, let’s say if you are a very colorful person and like to go for vibrant colors then you have to make the selection accordingly. However, if you are a decent person who goes for a simple yet a classy choice then the ideal pattern for you would be black and white.

Aztec Rugs

There are various decoration pieces available in the market which are based on Aztec style. For example, you can buy mason jars, you can buy a wood sign or even a wood wall. All these Aztec decors are going to complement your home by giving it a very modern and yet classy look. A home well designed is liked by everyone and people actually notice the small details. So, it is a good idea to decorate your home with the wood wall art based on Aztec style. With that you, of course, need to add an area rug with Aztec pattern also. There are many interesting designs which could also be found on the internet like for example, combining different Aztec style diamond shaped wall decor would give any area of the house an interesting look.


There are numerous bed sheets available in the market which are based on Aztec style and a huge variety of color range could be found. The power of internet and information technology has made it a lot easier to find the perfect match for your furniture, room, and bed. If your house is colorful you can add bright colors like orange, red, green, and yellow. However, if you are among those who like everything to be plain and decent then the best choice would be to go for black and white as a black and white pattern would give a classy look to the chosen bed sheets.


Carpets play a vital role in giving a luxury look to your house. A carpet based on Aztec style would make the house look luxurious. Based on the color of your furniture, the carpet has to be chosen. For example, if you have black furniture in the house then combining it with a red carpet with Aztec style design would be a great idea. However, you have to make sure that if the furniture of the house is also based on Aztec style then combining it with an Aztec style carpet complements it or not.
Now you know the big things to look out for when getting into decorating with Aztec decor.…
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Home Decor Is Worth Your Time

Decorating Is Fun For Everyone

Everyone knows the cliche regarding decorations making a room feel more like home. However, I have always wondered how much impact a picture hanging on a wall could really make on an environment. Do painted walls, posters of boy bands, and a string of lights really make a person feel like they belong? It took a serious life event for me to understand the power of decor when I was looking for area rugs in Winston Salem NC.


In my early childhood, I grew up in a house plenty big enough for my family of four. We even had a spare room for guests and family. My room featured pink painted walls with Powerpuff girl trim and window curtains to match. I would also take posters from magazines and tape them up to my wall. As a child, I really took for granted having a decorated room that captured my memories and personality. My parents divorced when I was twelve years old. As a result of split incomes, we lost our house and my pink painted room. My parents both moved into white-walled apartments. Most of our belongings gone because we were not able to move everything in time before our house was foreclosed on and the doors locked. I struggled to be the happy, smiley girl that I used to be. My family was broken and we moved into a place that felt so cold.


I lived with my mom most days and she really struggled to afford the same luxuries we had before. After a few months, however, my mom saved up enough money to take us out to buy a few decorations for our rooms. I picked out a butterfly rug and some butterfly wall stickers. I was excited to put these up in my room. They really made the room feel like mine rather than a temporary room. The butterflies in my room did not take away the pain from the divorce or solve any money troubles, but it gave me a comfortable place to go whenever I needed to think through my worries.

It took a significant life change for me to understand the importance of decor. Just a few butterflies in a blank room were enough to give me a sense of ownership and belonging. Decor matters because it allows us to connect and feel comfortable in an environment. Decor gave me a place to reflect in a difficult time of transition, and now I never allow for my room to go undecorated.…

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Decorating My Home with Area Rugs

Decor is so much more……….

Decor matters tremendously in my life and in all of our lives.  For example, in my home which is my sanctuary (my resting place of restoration), I view the walls of my den as a refuge. I have chosen to use different themes in every room to support the activities that I normally perform in the different areas of my home. I change them periodically and some rooms are changed more often than others. In my living/social area for example where I do many things from reading, to entertaining guest and to lounging I have chosen to place a calming Indian motif as the theme. To me, it is welcoming, activates an artistic energy and is a great conversation starter. The power of the colors, light “temperatures”, patterns and textures provide stimulation to my intellect. Decor is empowering to all of us at different levels of our beings.


In our society historically we have always sought to obtain an oasis using decorative rugs, accent walls, inside and outside garden/greenery designs to benefit our overall well being. Everyone is aware of some conscious level that decor can alter the mood in a positive or an unfortunate negative way.  Feng shui is a very clear source of evidence on how decor matters.


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Rustic Picture Frames

succulents in homeEveryone gets a little nervous at some point, it can range from all different things like having guests over or wanting to make sure there isn’t room for monsters under your bed. You can take up all that empty space will a little décor. A time décor really mattered in my life was my first semester of freshman year. I was in a new and faraway place and I was feeling really homesick. The things I put in the dorm really made a difference in how I felt at the end of the day.


At the end of the day, it was really nice to always come home to a little piece of home. I had pictures of my family everywhere in frames that were similar to the ones in my house. They were rustic black metal frames with fun pictures inside them. These are similar to the frames that are hanging all around my house and looking at them made me not feel so far away. Along with pictures, I had also taken up an old crotched blanket that my grandmother had made. It would lay over my bedspread and just really bring the room together with a nice homey feel. I also added a wax warmer that smelled like my home too.


The wax warmer was in the shape of an elephant which was all around my room at home so it just adds a little bit more or home to a faraway strange place. Dorms are hard to make feel like home because of the brick walls and the one small window but the décor that I had put in there had really helped me get through a really hard time. Even though it can sometimes seem insignificant a little décor goes a long way.


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